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Our Vision

We believe in taking a ‘hands on’ approach with your clients by guiding them on a path to new discoveries, new ideas, and evolving insights. With our help, our clients can emerge beyond old management systems that frequently weigh a company and their staff down. Times are changing quickly and with our evolving mindset, new and innovating social and business perspectives are also undergoing a metamorphosis. Businesses that want to stay in the game and be on top in such an ever-changing world must grasp the ‘feel’ of the time. We can help you gain a broad view on what needs to be done to succeed by planting the seeds of patience, respect, curiosity, innovation, and inquiry into the hearts of your business and staff.

Our Goals

Management and employees must have a bridge that both can cross on a daily basis. That bridge allows the exchange of ideas and transpiring conversations. In order to keep the bridge open, both sides must indulge in respectful exchanges that are beneficial to the growth of the business and the overall happiness of the employees. We work as a liaison and bridge builder.

Our Long-Term Renewal Objective

We realize that true workplace transformations take time. The seeds must be gently planted and allowed to germinate before full-scale growth can develop. We will be there with the business and employees down every twist and turn. Our skills will obliterate self-limiting employee/management beliefs or assumptions, remove dysfunctional attitudes, cease any undermining behaviors, and withdraw outdated processes that hold a company back from renewing growth. We provide proven, long-term fixes to create a thriving business with happy employees all working together to weave common objectives. With our coach Mary Ellen beside you and your employees, you will never be alone. At appleseeders, our coach works with you being a trusted friend by gently offering guidance and insight while reminding you that, “I’m here, hold on, we’re in this together.”

“I commend Mary Ellen Shea and kudos to her and best wishes in starting appleseeders.  What a better person than Mary Ellen who has the knowledge, experience, understanding and guidance to offer.”

Mary Lou Todd, RN

“In recognition of your leadership and many achievements in serving the patients and families of our area in their struggles and triumphs during end of life issues in ways that bring hope and comfort in their times of great stress.   The Board of Directors thanks you for your Vision for our future and guiding us during a period of Great Change.”

Board of Directors, Hospice and Palliative Care of Avery County, NC

Mary Ellen and I worked closely together during a difficult time of transition for our organization. At times, making the necessary changes looked improbable if not impossible, but the organization today is leaps and bounds from where it began when we started rolling up our sleeves.  I can’t recommend Mary Ellen enough as a committed leader who will create a plan and see it through.

Aaron Blackmor, CPA

Our Skills

As the founder and business transformation coach at appleseeders.com, Mary Ellen Shea utilizes her unique skill set to plant seeds of transformation, connections, and workplace well-being to bring about positive change in any business. Her approach is always tailored towards each business’s particular needs. She is quick to state “one size solution or organizational identity does not fit all.”

With our specific individual skills, we will partner with a business to create strong and binding ties. Our coach Mary Ellen truly becomes a trusted friend who walks alongside management and employees saying “I’m here, hold on, we’re in this together.” From start to finish, we will provide support, advice, and patience to bridge any generational gaps that so many businesses experience. Our coach builds ties between the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, the Gen X, and Gen Y/Millennials to encourage employee retention, decrease turnover, and alleviate burn-out.

Our Roots

Early in her career, Mary Ellen’s business knowledge was honed when she garnered widespread recognition from the Board of Directors at Hospice and Palliative Care of Avery County, North Carolina for her leadership and vision in expanding end-of-life services throughout the state’s mountain communities. Her strong attitude and work led to the formation of one of the largest hospices in western North Carolina. The multi-geographic hospice organization has become one of the largest in the region. She went on to collaborate and coordinate the design of two additional hospice inpatient units: the Hospice Haven Inpatient Center and the Eleanor A. Koons Hospice House. In Ocala, Florida Mary Ellen took charge and developed and implemented the first Physician Leadership Program at Munroe Regional Medical Center.

Mary Ellen brings her vast hands-on work style, her rare vocational vision, and her distinguished education to her consulting business appleseeders.com. She possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management from National-Louis University, Evanston, IL, and Myers-Briggs certification.

appleseeders, partners in business dedicated to transforming the workforce of the future on the values of the past.